The risk was that the network would collapse once government funding ran out. It also gave people access to local information and resources in their own languages. Thirty years apart, both projects revolve around the endemic problems of liberal government: In the time it took between and to wire the buildings, we spent time on the estate, holding focus groups, talking to resident groups and interviewing partners and stakeholders see ISR, a and b. Numerous visits were made to games sites, both single player game sites and interactive online ones. It would also have a research and evaluation component, supplied by our research team from Swinburne University of Technology. While some respondents had taken part in the earlier survey, the high turnover of tenancies meant that many respondents answered the questions only in or only in

The computing room, located in the community centre on the estate, also had broadband access, ten public access computers, a printer, scanner and zip drives. They are using it to contact their families in other countries, to find out about useful services and community events and to read foreign newspapers. Briefly, the focus groups helped to flesh out a picture of the complex social networks existing on the estate see ISR, a and b. Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. All tenants who received a computer took some training in the computer room or training room.

Much of the material accessed was in languages other than English and a high proportion of accessed sites contained material relating to news and events beyond Australia.

The range of inquiry about government agencies and services spread internationally as well, with hits to government sites in the U. Some community workers and some representatives of state government partners were worried about raising false expectations amongst residents and losing the momentum of support. Hits were made to primary atherton gardens homework support program secondary schools, to universities, colleges and private educational providers and to bodies such as the Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Finally, affordable access to the Internet in each flat made it possible for residents to seek information on services housing, health, schooling and welfare and to look atherton gardens homework support program opportunities online.

This need not be tied to moralistic campaigns.

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Attitudes, abilities, habits Conclusion. Keith Hampton and Barry Wellman, He talks about community services which are built around and directed by the needs of the consumers rather than the funders: In particular, Focus Areas 7. Residents were seeking information and resources related to employment, education, health and social benefits.

However, we were unable to provide interviewers who were native speakers of a number of languages spoken on the estate: From the beginning, it was clear that there were some groups and households that were resistant to any involvement in communal life. I am a non-smoker, and am willing to do homework tutoring, some housework duties and atherton gardens homework support program stays if need be. Will it contribute to a sense of greater trust or security? There were 37 Chinese language sites that scored more than hits, eight in Vietnamese, four with African content Kenya, Somalia and Sudan: All levels of government in Australia, as well as some overseas government web sites were accessed.

Atherton Gardens is now one of a number of Victorian government neighbourhood renewal sites. We also asked detailed questions about their patterns of media and communication use: Sites oriented to community exchange and connection were also well used: Melissa Gallo’s Teaching ePortfolio.

We used a sample survey of residents, repeated within two years at the point where the network was up and running, and we also returned to some of our original interviewees.

For a small charge, residents can also surf the Web or upgrade their equipment and connection. Organic community solutions meant getting people face to face in a circle, not connecting them to a circuit. Daily training sessions were offered by volunteers and paid trainers and there were regular atherton gardens homework support program conducted in Vietnamese and at times in Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Spanish, Croatian, Slovak and Amharic.

My first teaching placement was at a atherton gardens homework support program multicultural school with a culturally and ethically diverse and rich community.

Click here to login, or Atherton gardens homework support program an accredited tutor. By November, core wiring had been installed in the towers, 75 computers had been given out and residents had participated in information technology training. This was not seamless. It also found homework has academic benefits for some ages and stages compared to others — with definite advantages for secondary school students while providing almost no benefit for primary school students.

Education sites accessed on the estate during June included local schools, universities local, interstate and internationalprivate schools and colleges, and the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Landscape architects have redesigned and reconstructed the area around the buildings. However, the proposals also promised that the network would open the estate to government and make it more transparent. Atherton Gardens is atherton gardens homework support program an isolated, disadvantaged pocket in a gentrified suburb, surrounded by welfare agencies.

The initiative and our initial research have already had policy impact of this sort: There was extensive involvement in local places of Christian, Buddhist and Muslim worship. Residents reported that they had used the computer in their home, and those in the training rooms, to seek entertainment, news, information and contact with friends and family, to find information on social services such as health and housing, and to look for educational and employment opportunities.

The commercial sites appearing within the atherton gardens homework support program indicate that people were also interested in shopping online, or in finding out more about commercial services. As expected, a high proportion were unemployed or dependent on social welfare payments, including sickness benefits, and many fitted the category of high need users of social services.

Mailfive reference sites telephone listings, public transport, atherton gardens homework support programand four Australian newspaper sites.

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As described in an earlier contribution to this journal Meredyth, et al. A more qualitative inspection of those domains that received more than one but less than hits indicated that people were making regular use of education, health and government information sites.

There were also links to a number of external sites, including entertainment sites, newspapers, health sites, and school sites. Atherton gardens homework support program would be able to stay in touch with parents; health services could identify the aged and those with disabilities. Focus areas addressed in this artefact: The intranet and Internet resources made available were also being used for other purposes: Following a process of atherton gardens homework support program consultation and planning, various initiatives have been unrolled.

Young people especially were likely to be frustrated by these limits, keen to use music and games applications and conscious of the contrast with what their friends from more prosperous households could access at home.

The estate has since seen several years of government intervention and investment, which has substantially improved conditions on and around the estate.

But it does this by attempting to place atherton gardens homework support program residents themselves in control, not only of their own computers but of the whole network, including the infrastructure, training, support and management systems which must support it.

In the time it took between and to wire the buildings, we spent time on the estate, holding focus groups, talking to resident groups and interviewing partners atherton gardens homework support program stakeholders see ISR, a and b. But despite the archipelago of agencies around the estate, it was still hard to know who lived there.

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On this second point community networks such as Atherton Gardens may eventually be judged [ 5 ]. There were internal debates, within Infoxchange, about the viability of a business model that depended on volunteers and hobbyist adaptation.

As stated by Ramachandra and Nahapp.