The consultants at msg global solutions deliver expertise to clients worldwide in the insurance industry. The company is using Amazon ElastiCache to improve the speed of application performance and Amazon CloudFront to distribute content to users in a wide range of markets. The company is an on-demand video startup expanding throughout Southeast Asia. Infraware turned to AWS to deliver its software to mobile users worldwide and run its customer-analytics platform. The enterprise wanted to get out of the business of running IT infrastructure and is currently migrating 10 of its 29 global data centers to AWS. With AWS, Ohpen can rapidly deliver new features and estimates it can help its institutional customers cut their costs by up to 80 percent. Instacart uses AWS CodeDeploy to automate deployment operations for all of its front-end and back-end services.

Citymaps makes a social mapping platform available on iOS, Android, and the web, and provides users with an intuitive mapping interface that is hosted on AWS. By moving to AWS, Cenique has reduced its operating costs by 60 percent and scaled to support a tenfold increase in customers. Auction order processing is time sensitive, and the use of Amazon Kinesis and Elastic Load Balancing enables the Singapore-based company to meet its critical 60 millisecond processing time to bid on the relevant ad spots. The company uses AWS to run its performance management solution and monitor more than one billion mobile apps. The Software-as-a-Service provider needed to scale to meet the demands of running up to 50, tests simultaneously and providing instant results with data coming from all 50 states. Neowiz, a South Korean game company, needed a flexible, highly available infrastructure to continue to grow globally. The Azim Premji Foundation works to improve education in India.

When the company needed to speed deployment of its tools to customers, it moved to AWS. The company turned to AWS to run its e-commerce website and to support traffic generated by more than 1.

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The company uses AWS to manage and deliver content to millions of students as well as power its analytics platform to adapt content to each user. NDI works to support democratic institutions worldwide. The company launched on AWS so it could offer its customers business consulting, architecting, cloud environments, and lifecycle management services for its clients. By using AWS, Knewton can collaborate with partners worldwide and scale to manage traffic spikes during traditional school cycles.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures and sells prescription drugs. Qantas wanted to create an aws case study bankinter application to make passenger information available to cabin crew. When Hess Corporation aws case study bankinter divestiture plans for its downstream businesses in Marchthe Aws case study bankinter department decided to migrate the associated infrastructure in a way that would completely uncouple dependence from its on-premises datacenter.

Fast Crypto Lab is a research group within National Taiwan University, whose activities focus on the design and analysis of efficient algorithms to solve important mathematical problems, as well as the development and implementation of these algorithms on massively parallel computers. Using AWS enables Intuit to reach new markets, speed development, and better serve its customers. MyDress runs a Magento e-commerce platform and associated systems on AWS rather than having to invest in a physical datacenter.

By taking advantage of AWS, Jobvite has decreased its operational costs by 35 percent and increased the availability of its application to better than The small company faced scalability and reliability challenges using an on-premises server infrastructure.

The company used Amazon S3, Amazon EBS, and Amazon EC2 to reduce costs, increase flexibility, improve security, reduce time to deploy infrastructure, and simplify backup and data recovery procedures. When it was ready to launch, the company turned to AWS to run its platform to ensure that aws case study bankinter would scale with user demand. The company uses AWS to run all of its operations, including compute, identity and access management, and storage. Endemol provides multiplatform entertainment content that is distributed in more than 30 countries.

OpenClassrooms is a French digital-learning platform offering more than 1, courses on new technologies and digital transformation aws case study bankinter nearly 2.

The company uses AWS to store, manage, deliver and archive the content on its platform. DataRPM, based in Redwood City, CA, helps enterprises to create data products to solve specific business problems in retention, personalization and monetization. Startup polljoy aims to improve ratings for mobile applications in app marketplaces.

The company turned to AWS to build, deploy, and manage its aws case study bankinter retargeting platform. The company is developing its cloud data center as a result. By moving to Amazon DynamoDB from a custom MySQL database, Precision Exams can dramatically scale its database to meet customer needs and is saving up to 30 percent on database operations. Idomoo was founded in and is one of the first-to-market communication solutions that combine the compelling power of video with personally relevant, individualized data.

AWS allows EROAD to set up services in new countries in minutes, support thousands of vehicle location updates per second and achieve Autodesk sells software products for the architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and media and entertainment industries. By using AWS, the company has lowered provisioning time from hours to aws case study bankinter minutes, and reduced operational costs.

HashCube is a social gaming company that creates puzzle games on social networks.

Belkin, a retail consumer electronics company based in California, uses AWS to aws case study bankinter products quickly and provide reliable, flexible service to its users. Fiksu is a mobile aws case study bankinter optimization platform that helps companies precisely target key audiences.

Using AWS, the firm gained a scalable environment in which to test and run its solution, and it now processes more than half a billion user behaviors a month for its e-commerce clients. Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities worldwide to offer more than a thousand online courses for free.

With AWS, Ohpen can rapidly deliver new features and estimates it can help its institutional customers cut their costs by up to 80 aws case study bankinter. BrightRoll is an independent video ad technology platform for digital video advertising across the web, mobile devices, and connected TV.

Nexon is a leading South Korean video game developer. Using AWS to host its SaaS solution, CoreTech System has been able to scale to accommodate job requests automatically, pass cost savings to traditional customers, and expand its customer base.

The company is using AWS to run its websites, mobile application, security management tools, ecommerce platform, and internal development tools. As a result, Aws case study bankinter Solution Architects can now be involved in more aspects of the company, including interacting with customers, being involved with sales cycles, and supporting aws case study bankinter of the business.

The company uses Amazon EC2 Container Service to aws case study bankinter a microservices -based architecture for its applications. To prepare and scale for a period of rapid expansion, aws case study bankinter company migrated its website infrastructure and client database to the AWS Cloud.

Knewton, an education technology company, makes it possible to personalize learning applications in order to improve student achievement in grades K and higher education. Alpha Vertex achieved the multi-gigabyte throughput crucial to its central line of business by using Amazon EFS. Using AWS, Nextdoor has been able to deliver fast website performance for members, launch 50, servers in four years, and roll back new code releases in less than a minute.

Interflora Spain uses AWS to run its customer-facing e-commerce platform and backend systems, including its Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and big data, business intelligence, and data backup projects.

Infor is one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise software solutions, offering SaaS solutions to more than 70, global customers.

The company migrated its analytics platform to AWS after experiencing frequent downtime with on-premises servers. By using AWS, Amazon. D-Link Corporation, an international networking solutions provider, needed to launch its cloud-based service portal, mydlink, quickly and economically. EROAD is a New Zealand technology business that sells hardware and software to monitor commercial aws case study bankinter and collect road-user charges electronically.

By using AWS, Securitas Direct can deliver new service applications within hours instead of the six weeks it took in the past, and aws case study bankinter avoided the capital expenditures normally associated with traditional IT infrastructures. Beatpacking provides a free streaming music radio service called Beat.

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Frontier Games aws case study bankinter a UK-based video game company. It partnered with AWS in and subsequently expanded to more than 4, schools in nine different countries. Using AWS, Flipboard was able to go from concept to delivered product in just 6 months with only a handful of engineers.