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Sir, I have successfully downloaded yr…. Can you tell me if this works with the new patch 1. May 7, at 8: April 4, at 1:

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April 2, at 3: I just tested it and it works no need to start from scratch again. I have only tested my wrapper locally. Want wtapper support me by giving me money for some reason? Could you update this tool.

Hacking Grand Theft Auto IV: Part III « Rick’s Game Stuff

July 5, at 5: February 25, at 5: I zlive deep enough to discover that I could essentially break a part of xlive. Hi, I have a problem before and after install this hack tool and this was before I reinstall my OS.

This will not magically fix any form of corruption on your save files if they are corrupted.

I installed the patch 1. September 1, at Like the stuff I've made? Edited December 22, by zerofreeze. The offending function is called XLivepVerifyAddress xlive. Part III will talk about save validation and include version 1. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Save validation is now disabled, you wrappre load any save.

June 7, at 2: Multiplayer functionality of GTA IV is now forcefully disabled, to prevent usage of my wrapper to cheat in multiplayer.

As usual, please report any problems, etc in comments to this post.

August 18, at 3: I broke this function by making it always return 0hooked the function that hashes save data GTAIV. HackingTools This entry was posted on Saturday, December 20th, at 3: Do I have to copy the savegame into.

XLive Wrapper

July 18, at How do i reverse this shit? I stupidly deleted my windows live profile believing that was the cause of my spinning camera issue, but it ended up deleting my live saves which i luckily already had backed up.

For the new version of the wrapper: You can follow any responses to this entry through the Xliv 2. Do I have to copy the savegame into I have Dwayne and Roman.

Looking at the structure of the save data, the amount of cash you have is in the second block of data in the save PlayerInfothere appear to be two values for money — one is probably total cash while the other is current cash. To restore the save. Want to support me by giving me money for some reason?

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