This confirmation must be received before the decision on a first revision can be sent. Manuscript Preparation Guidelines and Checklist. Browse content from all our related society publications, and learn more about additional offerings from the Endocrine Society. Regular features of special interest include original reports of important advances in patient-oriented endocrine and metabolic research, personal perspectives on endocrinologic topics, clinical trials, clinical reviews, clinical practice guidelines, and case reports. Publishing your first article Tracy Perkins. Articles whose final version is published online-only will have their full abstracts listed in print in the issue that corresponds to its online appearance. Molecular weight is considered to be the relative molecular mass of a substance, i.

Examples of repositories can be found here:. Authors are recommended to provide microarray data to the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas https: There, I learned the importance of respecting the nature because is most important gift that we have. Marine, Estuarine, Environmental, and related sciences. To be used only for papers accepted for publication. Extension of single variant results in a candidate gene to a pathway defined by multiple genes needs to be carefully defined with respect to the resolution of the gene, the analytic approach, and the demonstration of the impact of the pathway.

They will be subject to peer review and must be modifiable in response to criticisms. For more details and insight from the Society, see this editorial on these instructions for the reporting of steroid hormone measurements. All authors consent to the investigation of any improprieties that may be alleged regarding cover letter jcem Work.

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Cover letter jcem review is conducted using the single blind method. From Genes to Ecosystems. Filtered gene lists provided as supplemental data must be provided as Excel spreadsheets and not PDFs. For circumstances in which this is not possible, or there is disagreement, the Editor-in-Chief may consider the report written by some of the authors, academic or institutional sponsor, editor, or the Society.

Authors should refer to the deposited material as an item in the cover letter jcem of their manuscript and number the reference appropriately within the text. For clinical trial reports to be considered for publication, the Endocrine Society requires their prospective registration, as endorsed by the International Conference of Medical Journal Editors. Sensors and Sensing- from molecules to applications. Computational and Systems Biology. Knowledgeable referees for this paper might include: Statistical tables should cover letter jcem be inserted in manuscripts.

Writing this kind of letter for a lit crit journal is a very bad idea. Publication Cover letter jcem and Open Choice.

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Appropriate statistical methods should be used to test the significance of differences in results. March 1 for Colleges, March 15 for Community Colleges. The authors should provide up to five potential peer reviewers with detailed contact information including e-mail address. The Introduction should be succinct, clearly stating the purpose and rationale of the study. Engineering tools for disease diagnosis and cover letter jcem. To ensure that any studies involving human or animal subjects conform to national, local and institutional laws and requirements e.

Figure Legends Figure legends including figure number, a short title and detailed description should be embedded at the end of text file.

An incomplete response cover letter jcem not delay processing of the initial submission, but decisions cover letter jcem revisions will not be sent until all authors have confirmed.

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Molecular Biology and Genetics of Cell Signaling. This is my time that I am going write journal article cover cover letter jcem. UN – Internship views. Physics, Materials Science, Engineering, Chemistry. Click here to read about each article type.

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Editorials carry no figures or tables and have no more than eight references. See Supplemental Data instructions. It is imperative that all co-authors are listed on the submission form and that their email address is correct. If the authors choose to use previously published figures or tables, they must follow the guidelines under cover letter jcem Publication Fees section. Targeting this pathway could simultaneously treat multiple aging morbidities.

If the Associate Editor invites a revision to a submission, authors should where applicable list in the References section of their revision Research Cover letter jcem Identifiers RRIDs for unique research materials see scicrunch. To be used only for papers accepted for publication.

Each table has to have a descriptive title on the top of the table.

NIH will contact the author to confirm submission. If an author chooses to use a previously published figure or table in a mini-review, the following procedure applies:. Each person listed in the acknowledgments must give permission for the cover letter jcem of his or her name.

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