Graduation day joelle charbonneau

The last 2 installments in the series were mostly devoid of all of these things. The beginning of hope. I couldn't decide who to trust the entire way through the book. There is no need to continue. Charbonneau resolved the story nicely and tied up the loose ends, but her book lacked the firepower and punch that she was able to create in the Testing.

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Pages and pages of thinking things through. The first two were great, like I said, but I can't give this book more than two stars without feeling like I'm totally lying to someone.

The constant recapping serves no purpose other than to act as filler. It was emotional, tense, thought provoking. Collindar tells Cia that they must carry out the rebel's plan to end The Testing by eliminating specific people who have authority and control over The Testing. I didn't care if the Testing ended. He ends up in the graduaion after he miraculously survives the explosion. I really enjoyed the first book when I read it as an ARC, but the issue with this series ray that you get so excited about what's going to happen next that you don't notice the crappy character building and writing.

The story had action and the characters were great as usual. Oh and she also has superhuman strength because with the amo I just can't get charbonnsau the Mary Sue main character. The President gives Cia a list of eleven names, supplied by Symon and tells her that if she wants to eliminate The Charbpnneau she must kill these people.

The President gives Cia an assignment. I also enjoyed the action in the latter parts of the book.

Deze serie is gooooooed! I thought the ending could have been way better. Met elk hoofdstuk wilde ik weet verder lezen.

Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau - FictionDB

Don't get me wrong as there was some action but it did not happen until really the last half of the book. Und jetzt suche ich mir auch ganz schnelle eine andere Richtung, a. Savage Drift, Dust Lands: Return to Book Page. After looking more carefully over the list Cia decides that there are only five people who definitely need to be killed; Dr.

So to be honest,I want to tell you that I enjoyed reading this book,but not as much as I enjoyed the first two books in this series. To see what your friends cyarbonneau of this book, please sign up. Who do you believe when you are hearing different stories from each side and both sides feel that they are right? This is the most important test I have faced thus far in my life.

Graduation Day

Then they hav This final book in the series, which up until this point had been decent, was abysmal; it was just absolutely terrible.

She won't accept help from anyone else because she doesn't have faith in anyone but herself.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I also respected the integrity of Cia, her strong moral compass even when she must do tasks she finds uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Cia realizes her only hope is to approach the President and tell her what she has learned. I love the vividly written, charbonneai post-catastrophe Midwest setting of The Testing trilogy and the detailed history and science of the world building.

There is no need to continue. Cia begins to formulate a plan; she draws up a list of people who will help her to carry out the President's plan.

The gripping final instalment of this best-selling futuristic trilogy Chadbonneau United Commonwealth teeters on the brink of all-out civil war.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [What happens to Raffe I mean does he die or what? There was plotting, running, killing, sacrificing, all of that deliciously intense stuff.

Graduation Day is well paced for the most part, driven mainly by action.

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