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I Shot The Sheriff 1 Artist: Conexion Musical 1 Artist: At the end ofTurbostaat changed to the newly established label Same Same But Different and recorded the album Vormann Leiss at the end of Marchwhich was released on 17 August Joe Beats 4 Artist: The Lust For Life 1 Artist: Aussenseiter PC 1 Artist: Kill Your Idols 1 Artist: Greetings From Tuskan 1 Artist: We'll Go Machete 1 Artist: Hoods Up 3 Artist: Cory Branan 1 Artist: The Get Up Kids 1 Artist: Mad Minority 1 Artist: Jet Black 2 Artist: Dan Haag 1 Artist: The Force Within 1 Artist: Thousand Needles 1 Artist: This Is Hell 4 Artist: Modern Life is War 4 Artist: The FryBoxDesign 1 Artist: It also enables the users to perform pctopc calls for free.

The Casket Lottery 1 Artist: Copyright c milis tanz musik. Chris Peterka 1 Artist: Jupiter Jones 10 Artist: Miami Weisz 1 Artist: Rival Schools 5 Artist: Force of Change 3 Artist: Matt Pryor 1 Artist: Black Fag 1 Artist: Following the move of the band members from Husum to Flensburg, the album Flamingo was released in and the album Schwan in on the label Schiffen.

Magen Melancholy 1 Artist: International Superheroes of Hardcore 2 Artist: Turbostaat is a punk rock band, established in in Husumnow based in FlensburgGermany. Youth Of Togay 1 Artist: Knarf Relloem 1 Artist: The String Quartet 9 Artist:

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