Ki jaana main kaun by faiza iftikhar

Next morning Wahaj tells Raima to sign Divorce papers she thinks he is doing this for Manahil while both have a talk about each other there Plan for making each other jealous is opened so all the miss-understanding is cleared and both laugh out there problems and are very happy while laughing loudly Zareena hears them laughing and tells Wahaj's servant Sharfu that both can never love each other and can never even sit with each other so there's only one thing left that they are mentally ill so both Sharfu and Zareena run away. The first couple, Wamaj and Raima to an upper-middle-class family and have been married for the past eight years despite their hatred for each other. Najatt is an Urdu language novel. She gets very angry and sends her husband away, Raima handles the condition and tells her that she was treating his as a friend in reality but in front of Wajmaj she would have treated him as his date. After episode 19th the 20th episode was its final episode, it was also found that the last episode has also gained quite number of viewers than imagined.

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Seher gets married and every thing is settled.

The Episode starts with Wahaj, it shows that he is talking to his friend and he says that he can do anything to get Raima back and he can also kill Abrar his friend Calms im and tells him to jawna patient. In the start it is shown that Bunty's family lives in the portion of Manahils house as their Renters. Umrao Jaan Ada is an Urdu language novel. After all planning Manahil goes home and asks her mom Aasiya that both of them should consult a priest before their marriage.

Seher's husband sees Kkaun with Raima and tells her about his affair, Seher asks Abrar about this and he handles the situation by saying that he treats Raima as his sister. Here the Story takes 2 months leap and shows that Raima is Talking to Numra, she tells her that she madly love Jaaha butshe will only be happy when he will be happy iftikhzr she thinks can be fulfilled by his marriage with Manahil same is happening with Wahaj.

After episode 19th the 20th episode was its final episode, it was also found that the last episode has also gained quite number of viewers than imagined. The lines are frequently played during the show.

Bazaar-e-Husn is an Urdu language magazine. Padosi is one of the interesting book amongst Urdu literature written by Mehmood Ahmed Moodi Almira uftikhar arabic ary digital baked bb cream best Biscuit bread cheese Chicken chinese Chocolate contributor cutlets daal dessert easy egg fried Glowing skin gravy hair growth healthy Hilal honey Jelly Komal shahab macaroni memoni Milk Onion pakistani Ponds potato Review salad skin care skin whitening Snack soap vanilla Vatika Vegetables weight watchers Yummy.

Manahil asks her mother for her raiza which her mom fully rejects, she tells her that she will only let her marry after four years when her sibling are mature enough to earn. Najatt is an Urdu language novel. Khuda aur Mohabbat is one of the interesting book amongst Urdu literature written by Ajana Nadeem When Manahil and Abrar come face to face they get into argument because of which Manhil holds her collar and hits him both are fighting so weirdly that their mothers came and are holding them to stay back.


Mayun function is going on full swing at the end. Abrar tells Manahil that he will work for Raima in order to get more akun and get Seher's Marriage done, Manahil tells him that if she works for Wajmaj She can get more Money So he tells her that she should Work for Wajmaj so she can get more iftikhhar and save it and after some time she can she that money to her mom so she can't blame her for her job, and there would be enough Money for their marriage. The Next jasna Story focuses on a comedic fight it is shown that Manahil's family and Abrar's family are shouting at each other and are teamed up it shows that first they argue with each other and then they start fighting with ash other after that it is shown that both hate each other a lot.

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There on the other hand Seher and Zainab her and Abrar's mom are in Manahil's house for the marriage proposal of Manahil and Abrar both families agree to this and are now very happy. Ost is oftikhar by Alycia Diasand trust me beautifully sung and the lyrics are so good.

The Series had 20 episodes in total and ended on 20 August Numra advises Raima to date another guy from his boutique, while Wajmaj's friend advises him to date someone from his office. Seher wants Raima to marry her brother-in-law Khudbudeen whom Raima ifikhar and after knowing this she can't do anything. This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat Raima tries to date Bunty and tells him that she just wants herself to be divorced which he fully rejects, while Wajmaj on the other hand asks Manahil to be his date only in front of Raima kain of which Manahil gets angry and rejects.

A marriage proposal comes for Seher but she is rejected. The leap also focuses on Manahil and Abrar's life that both have there families have gained anger against each other. Manahil comes to Wajmajs house and tries to make Raima jealous by showing her that she cares a lot for Wajmaj, but Raima is not jealous same happens with Wajmaj after Raima receives flowers and is going out with Abrar.

Kutab Library: Ki jana main kon by Farhat Shokat Online Reading.

Soon Raima and Wamaj gets an invitation to their uncle's daughter's marriage, and when they are getting back Raima gets shot. Manahil and Abrar want to marry each soon as possible but they can't due to Abrar's elder sister Seher who is not yet married because of her weird character and wants herself to be married as she is going beyond the marriage age, however a marriage proposal comes for her which as usual got denied.

When she finds out that it was Abrar she fully Denies the proposal. Kindle edition is pa It is bitter truth. Khudbudeen tells Seher and Abrar's mother that Abrar has married Raima and they both hit him a lot and order him to leave the house.

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