Master of the Five Magics: (#1) [Lyndon Hardy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand new. 1st Ed. Printing. Excellent. Master of the Five Magics (Del Rey Fantasy) [Lyndon Hardy] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a lady on a quest to learn the 5 arts of . Editorial Reviews. Review. From Goodreads To tell you the truth, I wasn’t too impressed with the book at first. It really came down to me not liking the main.

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Thaumaturgy, the first magic. Lyndon’s exploration of magic proved rather fun, as each magic had its own twists, turns, and downfalls. Aimed squarely at a male sword-and-sorcery audience, the book is saved from being just another piece of fantasy dreg by a few characteristics, namely Hardy’s approachable prose and his unique take on the “chosen nagics trope.

A bland tale more concerned with establishing at length the rules of not one, but five separate magic systems than with fleshing out characters or strengthening the plot. He lives with his wife, Fibe, in Torrance, California. Hardy created the building blocks for future writers of which I am a huge fan Rothfuss and Sanderson among master of the five magics. Number of want to read changed 4 22 Master of the five magics 29, However, Alodar spurns both marriage to the queen and an offer by his previous antagonists to support a coup placing Alodar on the throne; instead, he chooses to marry Aeriel and continue his apprenticeship.

mater Master of the Five MagicsLyndon Hardy Alodar was a mere apprentice thaumaturge, learning the least of the five arts of magic. Other books in the series. The characters should be one-dimensional archetypes, and what matters are actions and consequences, and what they reveal about the world.

Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy. I enjoyed it master of the five magics a kid, but I can’t recommend it in good faith.

I was able to get a more cinematic view in my head this time, and the plot worked better for me because of it. One of master of the five magics favorite books when I was in highschool. Characters are really badly named and sometimes sound like cough syrups or proprietary drugs. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Sophisticated system for magic, that contributes well to continue the plot. In a parable, the plot should masyer as simple and linear as possible.

Underground Reading: Master of the Five Magics by Lyndon Hardy – Pornokitsch

The final part is entitled “The Archimage” and corresponds to Alodar’s mastery of all other forms of magic. There is no middle magcis. One of my favorite fantasy books of all time. Follow Aldor as he on his “quest” which could be said to change as he gathers knowledge of the 5 master of the five magics of magic, mastering each as he progresses.

Stay tuned for my review when I finish that volume. To each their own as I’ve said elsewhere. The first part also introduces Aeriel, a female character important in master of the five magics tye half of the book.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Time will tell if he still has any gas left in the tank. Plot and characters are less interesting.

Does anyone know tbe to contact Lyn Hardy? Finally, only the branch of wizardry remained – the great, almost lost art of controlling demons. The Wrath of Khan.

Glad it’s back in print One of my favorite fantasy series. Lists with This Book.

Mastre five types of magic invented by the author are ex The writing leaves much to be desired. In Secret of the Sixth Magic one can be a magician or a metamagician but not both. I read for feel-good entertainment. I found it right after the Magician Apprentice etc series.

Lyndon Hardy (Creator) – TV Tropes

In the 80’s I probably read it about a dozen times, I loved it so much. Even though years have passed since I read it, I still remember it fondly.

The things this character puts himself through are brutal, yet he meets it all head on, putting together all master of the five magics his knowledge from the different crafts he has learned to allow him to go through things no one else in this world would likely be able to accomplish.

Late 80’s Young adult series, Boy is apprentice and is learning magic. His quest forced him from one exacting branch of magic to another, with the rewards he earned always going to others. It turns out that they aren’t vanishing; rather, a “metamagician” from another world is shifting the rules under which they operate, forcing magic-users to rediscover how to invoke their powers. This is probably master of the five magics of my favorite books of all time. Without looking back, they galloped away into the pages of the sagas.