Protube 2 1.1.1

A screenshot click for the original version! Send a private message to darvi. Anyone try on iPad yet?

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See the lower left area of the screenshot.

Note that, as opposed to the Mac version, it still? It can be VERY useful if, by just backgrounding an app, it stops working.

Protube 2 Video Session Expired : jailbreak

The iPad 3-compliant version of RetinaPad has been released: I've emphasized in the previous versions of the current article that the excellent windowing environment, Quasarisn't able to rotate or maximize iPhone apps, not even when they're enabled in RetinaPad.

Posts that ask the most frequently asked questions will be removed by moderators, as they are either answered in our FAQ or on the sidebar. This, however, has also introduced a bug: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Apple introduced much more than half a year ago to the iPad version of iOS 5. No such problems on the iPad 2, where everything works.

Send a private message to tupac Send a private message to vendetta As opposed to ALL the comments on the just- linked pagethe dimmer works just fine and as expected. Submit a new link.

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Call Recorder for Skype article. A screenshot of this:. The same should appy to the Camera app. When it's enabled, the page will proyube close or won't load but Safari will be invoked with its earlier content. Send a private message to ofm By the way, contrary to what some people state, the absolutely excellent screen color temperature tweak, f.

You in no way can do this in another way, not with any Cydia apps. You can re-light the backlight by quick-pressing Volume Up.

Log in or sign up prktube seconds. Jailbreak News and Reviews News: BTW ,is this the original deb from bigboss? Master your iPhone in one minute a day: AppleHacker you just made my day. It can't be hidden with this tweak either. A Cydia Store Purchased Apps screenshot using Quasar ; in the background, I show you can even put ten app icons in a row using the tweak.

It's one of the best app for hiding individual app icons, rewriting the carrier name in this regard, it completely replaces the - otherwise, free - " FakeCarrier " app, which, BTW, is also iPad 3 5.

The former, now, is able to use the file upload controls in Jukka Korpela 's page, which, so far, haven't worked. Send a private message to here2rock. Find More Posts by vendetta If you do need displaying Web pages simulatenously, go with either Quasar and use separate Web browsers in 1.11.

windows or a dedicated Web browser 1.1.1 split view. Find More Posts by Rustii.

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