Staffing From the outset all staff will have job descriptions, a career and training history file, and a record of employee reviews. As service is one of our key components, it is essential that we have full access to all relevant data speedily and efficiently. For instance, in the sample plan, the Executive Summary, which is the last section of the Business Planning Wizard, is presented first in order to emphasize the most impressive features of the business. Published research shows that tourism is a fast-growing business sector and that Europe is the favored location for most travelers. According to our research, the percentages of adventure vacation travelers in various income brackets are as follows:. Lisa Jacobson, retail store owner.

For instance, in the sample plan, the Executive Summary, which is the last section of the Business Planning Wizard, is presented first in order to emphasize the most impressive features of the business. Both the press in general and the adventure travel press do not appear to have much effect on buyers in this market. We plan to do some of this work ourselves. Any shortfall could be funded either by a line of credit or a bank loan. Our dress code will require us to look as though we are on our way to one of our adventure vacations. The vacations we will offer will use all principal travel systems, including planes, trains, buses, and where appropriate, taxis. Within Europe, France, Italy, and Spain are the most popular destinations.

Dimensions has three keys to success. Your plan should be focused and clear. Eatables include packaged items and fresh made products like chaat and hot beverages.

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The key to our strategic advantage lies in having superior data on prospects and clients. How did you hear about the last adventure vacation that you took?

Northwind Traders is incorporated under the laws of the state of Washington. Choice of Location and Premises Jo Brown, former travel agent. This will be the key to producing state-of-the art publicity materials and determining where these materials should be placed for northwind traders sample business plan visibility.

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Sales of insurance policies and other services have added to this totaland could potentially add much more. Net income after taxes. Nights spent by foreign tourists Mill. These services are projected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 4.

This is a trend we northwind traders sample business plan to continue. From that base, the company will expand to become northwind traders sample business plan regional force. Our emphasis will be on providing a complete specialized service based on having a detailed knowledge of the vacation destination and adventure activities being offered. And t Alt hough specialist adventure travel agents, such as the business we are setting up, account for only 15 percent of the market, 65 percent of clients would use them again.

This compares with our present sales of 1. The GSWS report makes a critical distinction between two types of wellness tourism: We will write to all past shop clients announcing the establishment of the travel business and offer them a special introductory adventure vacation package. One further emerging market segment for adventure vacations is that of corporate clients.

From desk and field market research northwind traders sample business plan out on clients, it is clear that there is considerable potential in the adventure travel business. Prior to that, she managed the Olympia branch of one of the larger regional chains of general travel agencies operating throughout western Washington, where she was responsible for managing the office systems and a staff of four.

Our specialized knowledge of Europe and adventure travel will allow us both to satisfy our customers and to surpass the services offered by our competitors.

A good business plan is a living document. This area was chosen because many colleges and universities make Boston an international center northwind traders sample business plan higher education in business area, and the city is considered to be a world leader in innovation.

In order to sustain our position in the area as the premier agency for European adventure travel, Northwind Traders needs to outshine its competition. We believe that since our clients will mostly be busy professional people, off-peak – hours access to our services is also a key way in which we can differentiate ourselves from other travel agencies.

Entrepreneurs drive process improvements, creatively spark new ideas, Before founding Northwind Traders, Ms. We believe that by concentrating on the European travel market, offering a limited but extensive range of vacation packagesand targeting our service at affluent professionals, we can meet the needs of our clients. Both these investments need northwind traders sample business plan be made at the outset to ensure that the business creates the right impression from the start.

While general travel agents may be the most likely resource for those travelers northwind traders sample business plan an adventure vacation, they are in fact the least likely place those clients will return to. Although they are it is currently the only European adventure travel agency located in the Seattle Redmond area, there are competitors do exist in nearby areas see above. The Competition From desk and field market research carried out on clients, it is clear that there is considerable potential in the adventure travel business.

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We have decided to lease our telephone and computer systemssince as this is a rapidly changing area and we need to have access to the very northwind traders sample business plan technology. A knowledgeable salesperson, Mr. By contrast, the percentages of the market adventure travelers devoted purchasing vacation packages to each of these regions destinations is are as follows:. Sales and Marketing Excellent selling skills are vital in our type of business.

Customer loyalty is vital to our profitable growth. Funds Required and Timing Risks Associated with Growth These agencies are described below:. Howeveronly northwind traders sample business plan the adventure tours on the market are for European destinations.

The e-bookstore will provide people with e-books strictly related to business topics in short period of time. Home Page Business northwind traders sample business plan Management. Heather Mitchell will be responsible for reviewing the range of tour operators that we seek to represent and negotiating with prospective new principals.

This includes books on Economics, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jim Kim owns shares, and the remaining shares are held by the company for future distribution.

It aims to cater to the needs of office professionals and the labour class, with products like stationery, coffee, tea, northwind traders sample business plan and cigarettes. Northwind Traders maintains the following advantages over existing competition: Sources and Uses of Funds These providers sell only 5 percent of adventure travel vacations; however, 70 percent of adventure travelers would buy their next vacation via the Internet.

Northwind Traders is positioned to take advantage of northwind traders sample business plan significant market opportunities available in the customized travel-planning Products range from recycled notebooks, textbooks, stationery, utensils, artifacts, eatables, to cigarettes and alcohol.

We plan to move our gross profit up from 11 percent in Year Oneto 13 percent in Year Three. Summary of Findings from Market Research Survey