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Funny story about my rig. What do you dudes think? Anyone want me to tab out Bare Bones tracks? You must log in or register to reply here.

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Lives in Brighton, can play Aeromancy in full Cause my parents are loaded, and so am Aeromamcy, with gear Martin. Qeromancy do you dudes think? Looks good on GuitarPro. Hi Martin Sorry to be pain mate but do you have this in PowerTab format? I can, but not right away, since i am actually in Spain for the summer.

MartinMassaad Rig of Doom sounds interesting. Elwood Well-Known Member Aug 14, I actually can see my house from the evertune bridge demo video, from "the cliff of brighton" so if Chappers lives near the cliff, I live fairly close to him.

Dorje - Aeromancy - Ultimate Guitar

Don't be shy Martin. Do you want all pedals, guitars, picks, amps, cabs, full spec.?

Hope I didnt bore you all! Doeje 'Fish', no pics yet for you. I'm the guy that makes an grand entrance into the area, the spotlight dude; which reflects my guitar playing.

Thanks very much, hell of a first post! Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. I wont be back for a while, so ill just write it out for now. droje

What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Joeseffel Yet another aspiring Shred-Wanker Aug 15, Funny story about my rig.

Thoughts on the rig? Is it like the Line 6 dream rig but with more apocalypse? It's nice cause even though you're clearly spoiled not knocking youyou aren't a massive prick about it and that makes it cool to think someone who can truly eorje that rig has it instead of someone who would take it all for granted.

Aeromancy fully tabbed out! \m/ | Rob Chapman Forum

A Dime Crybaby from Hell. The pic was taken, I believe two years ago, the dudes in the picture are some of my small time producer older-then-me friends. Thanks for the welcome ;D, I am hoping more people will see it and share the chappers love around, since, well, this is the only full Aeromancy tab out here, as far as I know.

Aeromancy fully tabbed out! aeroomancy

Thread starter MartinMassaad Start date Aug 14, Not actually even close to a line 6 dream rig. Hello to all, I have just finished the full tab of Aeromancy, took me a while, but I will do anything for the Chappers! Robs solo aerojancy Joeseffel Cheers mate! It is currently and was in a studio that I own, my dad bought this broken down little shack for my birthday, which is now my home studio which contains my rig of doom.


Aeromancy fully tabbed out! \m/

And you must be a nice guy, cause you've lasted 24 hours and 10 posts on the MLF without provoking the entire forum, unlike last weeks' star newcomer. Cause my parents are loaded, and so am I, with gear And, Ill work hard, for it, but im guessing that ill get Too Weak by tomorrow night Comments?

Anyone want me to tab out Bare Bones tracks?

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