Electrons from 1 keV - 1 GeV. Important standard features that make MCNP very versatile and easy to use include a powerful general source, criticality source, and surface source; both geometry and output tally plotters; a rich collection of variance reduction techniques; a flexible tally structure; and an extensive collection of cross-section data. Some of the new features of MCNP

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Electron Data Libraries el and el03 are the electron transport libraries. Electrons from 1 keV - 1 GeV.

Magnetic field tracking with MCNP5.

Additionally, this distribution includes several utility programs that provide support for a user's workflow in carrying out MCNP5 calculations: Proton Data Libraries endf70prot and lah are the proton transport libraries. The code has improved support for newer Fortran 90 compilers.

See the MCNP home page for up-to-date information http: The currently supported discrete neutron libraries are: Included documentation in electronic format to be extracted to your hard drive: Many new tally source and variance-reduction options have mcnpp5 developed.

It was first released to the public in as version 2. Included executables and reference templates for output and tally files used in the MCNP5 regression test suite were generated for Linux and Windows with the following compilers: Electron transport does not include the effects of external or self-induced electromagnetic fields. For plotting geometry, cross-sections, or results, X11 must be installed on your PC. Photonuclear interactions from 1.

The release will be updated as new libraries become available.

For details, see LA-UR Dynamic storage allocation is available on all supported systems. You may also e-mail questions to the MCNP forum at mcnp-forum lanl.

Converts output of mesh and radiography tallies to input for external graphics programs.

The Cygwin environment may be obtained at no cost from the web site http: Test cases run in about 5 minutes. Windows executables, with Intel Neutrons in the ENDF70x libraries from 0.

Mcnp55 package contains MCNP In addition, variance reduction schemes such as secondary particle biasingand new tallies have been created specific to the intermediate and high energy physics ranges.

For photons, the code accounts for incoherent and coherent scattering, the possibility of fluorescent emission after photoelectric absorption, and absorption in electron-positron pair production. Pointwise cross-section data are used.

Proton radiography applications with MCNP5.

Thermal Neutron Data Libraries S alpha,beta data are contained in the tmccs, therxs, sab, and sab, endf70sab libraries. The MCNP5 code treats an arbitrary three-dimensional configuration of materials in geometric cells bounded by first- and second-degree surfaces and fourth-degree elliptical tori.

Pions, muons, and kaons are treated only by physics models. ,cnp5

Export control regulations restrict the distribution of Fortran source code. Photons from 1 keV - GeV.

Magnetic field tracking with MCNP5.

Energy deposition received a substantial reworking based on the demands of charged-particle high-energy physics. Thermal Neutron Data Libraries. Please note that included MCNPX executables run only on the machines listed below in section 9 of this abstract. The endf70sab libraries are the default as of the May release.

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