Mohsen chavoshi deltangi

Iran Song Persian music. Amire Bi Gazand Harmless Ruler Be jaye hagh shenasi In hame bi vafae na sepase Khob midonam gharibee ba delam Az to ye donya faselast ta delam Amma bazam mikham ke bargardio Tamom koni in hame namardio Yare ghashange delam

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Mohsen Chavoshi - Deltangi MP3 Radiocom

Dooset Dashtam I loved you [] Kojai [] Shahrzad soundtrack Retrieved 17 July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Persian Pop Rock Blues.

Divare Bi Dar [] [33] Lebase No [] [35] Mohsen Chavoshi - Zakhme Zaboon Live. Mohsen Chavoshi - Beraghsa - Mon wohi nar berakso. Nakhlaye Bi Sar [] [31] Shahrzad [] Shahrzad soundtrack Mohsen Chavoshi - Deltangi Nostalgia.

Divoone [] Shahrzad soundtrack Jaye inke teshneye khoonam bashi Ye bar shode del negaroonam bashi Amma ba inhame namehrabooni Kashiki befahmi ke azize jooni Yare ghashange delam, biya ke tange delam Ta key ba deltangi bayad bejange delam Man az to bikhabaram, to az hame donya Nemidoni bi to por az ghame donya Khande ro az roye labam gerefti Eshghamo daste kam gerefti Heyf nabood? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Metro [] [37] Amire Bi Gazand Harmless Ruler Mohsen Chavoshi - Mohsen Chavoshi Mah Pishooni [] Shahrzad soundtrack Chavoshi produced the majority of the songs on the album while the professional producer Shahab Akbari produced two and Ahari produced three.

Chavoshi began his music career after he finished school and military service. KhoramshahrKhuzestanIran. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Mohsen Lorestani - Lori.

Mohsen Chavoshi - 02 Parvaneha. Chavoshi has seltangi brothers and two sisters. Mohsen Yahaghi - Aroom Aroom. Yalda Abbasi - Mohsen Mizazade - Le yare.

Maame Vatan [] [36] Retrieved March 2, Salam Be Solh Mohsen Namjoo - Jabre Joghrafiyaei. Mohsen Chavoshi - Ko Be Ko In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Mohsen Chavoshi - Abraye Paeez.

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