Studer a800 multichannel tape recorder plug in

But I'm very glad of the result over all on the Drum track and the bass sound they are easyer to fit in my mixes. This is a reason to buy UA products by itself. Create complex analog textures with the distinct sounds of multiple tape formulas. In my opinion, the Studer A plug-in is well worth its price. It sounded great, and it works for me.

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On every channel of every mix, Period! Overview Overview Features Customer Reviews. From there, engage the "Gang Controls" feature. This is your new "starting point", so to speak. studed

Thru acts as a true bypass of the plug-in while Input allows you to just have the signal hit the electronics of the tape machine and not the tape.

I can even make my track sound like a blown out, old hissy reel.

Subtlety seems to be the key word with this thing. Keep in mind you are now running the machine "un-calibrated," but this can be the road to some seriously non-linear tones with lots of analog magic. All of the calibration controls can be hidden so that you can look at spinning tape reels complete with logos from each tape manufacturer. Create complex analog textures with the distinct sounds of multiple tape formulas.

I'm a big fan of passive EQs for their smooth sound, especially when boosting. Well done UA keep up the good work. This helps me get a good sound right off the bat.

Tips & Tricks — Studer A Mutichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In | Universal Audio

The Studer A plug-in's primary recommended use is as multicchannel first insert on every track where you want the sound of tape. My vocal chain is U87 70's ver. I expect to smell the tape when I hit play!

I will give this plug a hearty It sounds exactly like the real deal.

As a DUO owner, I tend to reach for other tape emulators first e. You can choose tape speed 7. But as engineers in the 80s and 90s found out, by over-biasing, you can deliberately saturate the A — and get a smooth, pleasing overdriven tape sound.

I love the ability to just have it right there, a mouse click away and in multiple instances of this great tool. Hidden Features Secondary controls are hidden behind the reel deck, and can be exposed by clicking on the Studer badge or the Open label.

Tips & Tricks — Studer A800 Mutichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In

Jim Williams has spent much of his 56 years working with some of the biggest names in the music business, including Frank Zappa, John McLaughlin and Stevie Wonder. Subscribe for free here.

The Universal Audio folks really have done a fantastic job on this plug-in. I also had the chance to try the plug-in on a project I tracked, and I was floored by the results and instantly sold.

I was first introduced to Crimson Audio Transformers through their useful Mogaine ribbon mic pre-preamp [Tape Op ]. I later tried one of their modded SM57 mics while I was working back at Treelady This is a really good simulation of Studer A JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room The spinning reels can be stopped by clicking on the label below the IPS control.

This setup had signal going to the real tape machine and was monitored off the repro head with the plug-in setup to be identical to that.

As many A users are quickly finding out, this plug-in has the unique ability to "glue together" your mixes — providing a rare combination warmth, air and punch — just like recording to 2" analog tape. Its night and day!!!

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